How to Fold Jeans

Working with premium denim everyday it is hard not to build up vast collection of the most amazing brands and fit of jeans. A couple of pairs of jeans is no longer sufficient when there are so many styles and fits available. Over the years my collection has definitely increased but as an avid denim lover I see each and every pair as an investment. Denim is a staple part of my wardrobe and although I have recently found myself wearing more skirts and dresses casually, nothing beats a pair of well fitting, comfortable and stylish pair jeans, teamed back with a white t-shirt, blazer and trainers. 

However, like  most people that own more than a couple of pairs of jeans, I found myself always reaching for the top pairs in my drawer and ended up only alternating between a few pairs which seemed ridiculous. Then came the game changer, I watched Marie Kondo’s series about tidying, in particular about folding clothes and I had to try it straight away and what better place to start than my denim drawer. When I’d finished it was amazing, not only could I see every pair of jeans that I owned in an instant but I had also managed to put them in rows according to their fit which made finding a style to wear even easier depending on how I was feeling and what look I wanted to achieve. Now I no longer only wear the top few styles in the drawer and styles have been hidden at the bottom of the pile for so long are now getting a new lease of life. It is because of this that I have decided to share this amazing space saving, jeans folding technique with all of you. I hope you find it as useful as I did!

Lay your jeans out flat on the floor with the front of the jeans facing upwards.

Fold one leg over and lay it on top of the other leg and flatten.

Fold the crotch part of the jeans in so that the jeans are straight on both sides.

Bring the hems of both legs of the jeans up to the waistband so that the jeans are folded in half.

Start off by holding the jeans at the fold (where you have just folded them in half) and fold the bottom part of the jeans so that they are folded upon themselves, leaving the top half of the jeans unfolded.

Take the top of the jeans, along with the ankles of the jeans that are folded on top and fold them back-wards so that the top half of the jeans is now folded on top of the previously folded section. You should now have a small folded pair of jeans.

Now place the jeans into your drawer with the waistband facing down and the fold facing upwards. Repeat with all of your jeans/trousers.

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